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Journey into the Forest

I walked the walk. The good long walk. I experienced the connectedness of an infinite historical experience; a continuity of self – a remembering. I knew I had walked this forest for thousands of years..


I felt the weight of the ancient ones. They felt my presence too. I saw the deep play of light and dark, of life and death. I felt opposites merge and become one. I saw the forest, and it saw me. I heard the trees speak, so I answered. 


Everybody was there - friends, enemies, family, the greats of history - their roots deep and gripping the earth. their bodies extending upward. their limbs reaching out to touch the sky becoming conduits between heaven and earth. All the common descriptors of self broke down, because words fail at these moments.


I was humbled by the majesty of that which is not human; the  primordial voices. I feel I am here to bear witness, to feel, and to testify to this sublime moment.


"Capturing the essence of the Northwest Coast to wow your heart"


Fine Art Paintings and Prints by
Jameson Long

Victoria, British Columbia

Tel: 250-881-0525


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