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These paintings are an attempt to bring you into the forest and bring the forest into you. To have us feel moved and pulled along the journey into the art itself. To feel oneself being moved into the path and along it, seeking the light, feeling the hope, while at the same time, being aware of the darkness, the damp, the decay, and the history. We know the cycle of living and dying. Life will spring out of the death anyways. It will happen regardless of human intention.

The body and the mind walk through the forest experiencing the connectedness with our infinite historical experience. There is a continuity of self – a remembering. We know we have walked this forest for thousands of years. There is history here.

The forest is at one moment intimate and personal, and next eerie and uncanny. We feel the forest's weight. We sense the forest's eyes on us. We hear the forest's voice. 

We literally stand at the feet of giants in the cathedral of nature. It is a place of worship regardless of our religious or spiritual views. One cannot help but surrender to the grandeur. 

These painting also stand on the shoulders of giants; giants such as Henry David Thoreau, Lawren Harris and Emily Carr.

The forest is old, and young and ancient and new all at the same time. Here we are humbled by the majesty of that which is not human. Here we are intimidated by the dark primordial voices of nature herself. Here we witness, feel, and testify to the sublime.

The forest is one of last places left on earth where such abundance signifies itself in height, girth and weight. Life literally stretches hundreds of feet off the ground to touch heaven.

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